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The context of this project is the digital transformation of public services of the Government of Catalonia. The goal it was to automate and simplify administration process and prioritize them.
Due to Covid 19, booking appointments became a top priority (for any type of management, medical, financial, family...)

My role and tasks


User Research (Design Thinking workshops)

I participated with some workshops with our customer. The user sample included a wide range of profiles, administrative staff, teachers, school principals, computer technicians among others.
We learned about their context, how they used their digital tools and what problems they face.


I worked in the product requirements, after that we were creating several work streams that evolved to specific user tasks. 

Information architecture

I worked on the scenarios and user journeys, information architecture, task flows. 


I prototyped both wireframes and mockups


I delivered all documented files to the front-end developers

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