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Urban planner app

Urban leisure plan app that offer personalised leisure plans according to the user profile, preferences and budget. Conceived for both locals and tourists.
Released on 2016, this model aimed to be replicated ins several cities around the world.

My role and tasks


User research

I did research on potential users from whom I learned better ways to show leisure plans, routes and improve interactions


I started working in the product requirements, after that we were creating several work streams that evolved to specific user tasks. Those tasks were later tested with real prototypes.

Information Architecture

I worked on the scenarios and user journeys, information architecture, task flows. 


I prototyped both wireframes and mockups


The solutions were tested periodically with usability test sessions.

Wego BCN it was an innovative travel plan app. We were presenting our product an The Mobile World Congres (MWC16). We got excellent reviews and our app was released in both Android and iOS versions.
Due to some business issues and lack of liquidation, unfortunately the app ceased to exist shortly thereafter.

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