Marc Herrando
Digital Product Designer

Working on UX and interaction design since 2013 for Mobile Start-up and digital agencies. Hability to build a digital product from scratch. Starting with empathise with a context and users, focus on a challenge to be solved, generating ideas, prototyping and testing.

I follow Human-centred methodologies for my daily job. I understand interaction design like an iterative process where I work and share with my team from creating a business value, a great usability and experience for the end-user, an state of the art design and easy and feasible implementation.

I also invest part of my time teaching in Design Colleges (Bau, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya - UOC)


  • Empathy. Ability to put on someone else shoes, understanding their problems, generating quantitative and qualitative data.
  • User research. User identification, creation of user personas and gathering data to take design decisions.I also create user test, card sorting sessions and workshops to learn from users.
  • Collaboration. Collaborating is a great way to work and share with managers, PO's, designers, developers fr getting the desired goals. In my opinion it helps to communicate more efficiently with customers and your team.
  • Prototyping Wireframing and prototyping is to get live to the ideas developed. Benefits: understand better all the functionalities of your product and be aligned with all your stakeholders. at the same time is a great way to detect possible mistakes and fix them.
  • Visual communication My background as visual designer helps me to create good design, using correct visual hierarchy, attending the accessibility, the color, all the components... all this impacts on the user experience.

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